‘Done for You’ LinkedIn Lead Generation

“Easily Connect and Build a Relationship With Your Ideal Prospects and Customers
to Grow Your Business…”

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We Add Unlimited Connections In Your Target Market!




Create Fresh Targeted Sales Leads Everyday!


We offer a complete “Done for You” service that will message your target market inside LinkedIn.

We help you find your target market and connect with them in a way that they engage with you in a positive manner.

From building a compelling Profile to messages that convert, we are ready to take you all the way.

Messaging inside and outside of LinkedIn to maximize your results, no matter if you are a business owner, industry professional, job seeker, recruiter, networker, entrepreneur, or motivated individual.

What We Do For You


Conduct a Strategic Discovery session with You

Your Rapid Results Discovery Session will help us determine which segments of your market will benefit the greatest from your services and will pay you the most with the least resistance. Focusing on prospects who want your services the most and believe what you believe will help energize you and boost your profitability.


Help You Locate Your Target Market Inside LinkedIn

Taking a broad approach and narrowing it down.


A “Profile Makeover”

Before we do anything, we need to get your profile ready for 1,000’s of profile views each and every month (this is what we will get you). We want people to engage with you by reading your Profile Headline and Profile Summary. This will include an optimized profile to deliver a clear message to your target niche. If your target market is i.e. “CEOs”, your profile would be adjusted to speak directly to “CEOs”. When people view your profile it should be crystal clear on what you do and how you can help them.


Deployment of a Unique, Persuasive Follow Up Messaging Campaign

Statistics show that most prospects in any industry do not buy during the first encounter – whether it’s online, over the phone or in person. That’s a fact! The prospect may want your product or services, they just may not want it right now.

Our very sophisticated method of follow-up continues to build goodwill, value and will likely result in a conversion at some point without any prospects being forgotten. Plus it ensures each of your prospects will have a consistent experience when learning about your services.


Request 30 - 90 Direct Connections a day

We do this inside LinkedIn seven days a week. These requests will be to “Your Niche” only. Once they connect they will get your compelling message.


Send a message to anyone who connects with you

Your compelling message will be sent to all new connections.


View 1000's of Your Niche’s Profiles per Month

This will get a substantial number of people a day to view your optimized profile, connect with you, visit your Domain, etc. This is powerful all by itself.


Message anyone who views your profile

… with a request to connect and also message anyone who connects with you.


Congratulate Your 1st Connections on their Birthday, Work Anniversary or New Job

… and include a customized message to remind them of your offering.


Endorse Your 1st Connections for Their Top 3 Skills

… which most likely results in them reciprocating the gesture and view your optimized profile.

Lead Generation Packages


  • Setup fee $250
  • Minimum Commitment 3 Months
  • 1 Hour Online Strategic Discovery Session
  • Target Market Definition
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • 30-50 Custom Connect Messages/Day
  • 6 Custom Follow Up Messages
  • 50 Prospect Profile Views/Day
  • Daily Customized Congratulation Messages
  • Daily Endorsement of Top 3 Skills


  • Setup fee $250
  • Minimum Commitment 3 Months
  • 1 Hour Online Strategic Discovery Session
  • Target Market Definition
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • 70-90 Custom Connect Messages/Day
  • 12 Custom Follow Up Messages
  • 150 Prospect Profile Views/Day
  • Daily Customized Congratulation Messages
  • Daily Endorsement of Top 3 Skills

For inquiries contact us at ==> info@socialmarketingmessenger.com

Client Testimonials

Marcel and his team are great to work with. They created a game plan and executed against that plan to grow our LinkedIn clients with a category of primary contacts we wanted to develop relationships with. We now provide targeted content to our LinkedIn connections to help solve needs they have for branding/signage solutions. Marcel is also a very affordable component to an overarching outbound marketing strategy. Personable, professional and interested in helping you grow your top line revenue, Marcel does a great job!

Bill Blalock - March 2021

Business Owner

We’ve been working with Marcel and his team for at least 4 months now. They have been a pleasure to work with and very responsive when necessary. Their system helps connect me with the correct people and helps to open up a dialog that was never possible for me. Thanks Marcel!

Michael Sobel - April 2020

Business Owner

We are a custom sign design, fabrication and installation business, and we found Marcel’s service to be invaluable. We worked with Marcel for a bit over one year, and were able to generate more than 3000 highly targeted and relevant new connections. During the time that we worked together, Marcel was always extremely responsive to our needs. We recommend Marcel without hesitation.

Mike Reilly - April 2019

Business Owner

Marcel was excellent and helped me a great deal. I would use him again without any hesitation. Great leadgen services for any business owner! I would use him again without any hesitation, Great deal for any business owner!

Frank Murch - March 2019

Business Owner

“Marcel is a master at lead generation on LinkedIn. After a thorough interview, he created a campaign that brought me more leads that I could turn into clients. In three months, you can jump start and grow your business with his excellent program. Personally, he has a gentle nature and is wonderful to work with.”

Melinda Fouts - September 2018

International Executive Coach and Trainer

“If you are looking for LinkedIn connections, leads, and future clients, I highly recommend Marcel. He and his team did an amazing job. They were so good, I had more leads than I could handle. Give them a try.”

Diahana Barnes - February 2018

Success Strategist and Coach

“I recently began working with Marcel, who reached out to me on LinkedIn. I accepted his offer and we began to work together. One of the first things Marcel helped me with was optimizing my LinkedIn profile, so it would be more attractive to my target audience. Shortly afterwards, Marcel put his system into play and I immediately started to receive leads. I’ve communicated with several of them and I’m well on my way to getting new business. If you’ve ever thought about using lead generation, I recommend you spend some time with Marcel. You might be pleasantly surprised.”

Nathan Segal - November 2017

Life Coach

“If you are thinking of hiring Marcel to help you increase your LinkedIn presence then you are about to work with one of the most knowledgeable, professional, process-oriented and personable marketers on the planet. Marcel knows what he is doing and if you follow his lead and go through his different processes then you will see a dramatic positive difference in your LinkedIn effectiveness. Marketing is important and just because you have a LinkedIn profile does not mean you are marketing. Allow Marcel to tweak and fine tune your LinkedIn profile so that his Lead Generation System can do its magic for you and the results you want. Don’t wait, go for it and see your sales sky rocket.”

Byron Low - October 2017

Executive & Leadership Coaching

“Marcel helped me to identify my target market, coached me to create content and implemented a program to optimize my Linkedin profile and increase my connections. His guidance and strategies have not only helped me to get business from Linkedin connections. The process of working with him has sharpened my focus and made me a better coach for my current clients.”

Bill Tierney - March 2017

Success Coach

“I have benefitted tremendously from working with Marcel. He knows marketing and how to explain it to non-marketing people, so that people like myself can understand and get in the game effectively. He is personable and fun, too. My database has expanded to nine times its size, and I am talking every day with four or five prospects whom I had no contact with before implementing Marcel’s process. I’m very grateful to you, Marcel.”

Martin Kettelhut - December 2016

Executive Coach

“I have only been working with Marcel for a short time, however in the short period his work has generated several good connections and potential clients for our firm! Keep up the good work!”

Stuart Campbell - June 2016

Financial Advisor

“As a management consultant, client development comes with the territory. I knew LinkedIn could be a valuable tool to help me connect with business leaders who could benefit from my companies’ expertise, yet I wasn’t using this rich resource to the fullest potential. Then I found Marcel. In just one month, Marcel doubled my contacts with qualified contacts. Not only that, I have a pending contract. Marcel was responsive, professional and very helpful. I have already recommended him to several colleagues.”

Deborah Kennedy - April 2016

Management Consultant

“Marcel and his team are second to none. I recommend their work: it’s on point, it’s targeted, and it’s smart. And I recommend working with Marcel overall; he is incredibly easy to speak with, but full of information, and he knows what he’s talking about.”

Kent Gustavson - April 2016

Social Entrepreneur

“Marcel is an expert in generating leads, I’ve worked with him and had outstanding results. He is very strategic and always over delivers. If you are looking for a pro in this field, you’ve just found him.”

Tony Oikonomou - March 2016

Search Engine Marketing Expert

“Marcel has a simple, excellent system for generating Linkedin leads. He’s easy to work with and over delivers. I’m very happy to have met Marcel and appreciate his expertise in Linkedin Lead generation, as well as his quick responses and well-honed communication skills.”

Laura Roser - January 2016

Social Media Expert

“Marcel’s lead generation service works very effectively , he has great communication and works hard.”

Jeff Levan - January 2016

Offline Media Expert